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What an experience. Watching the water rise outside of your mask, as you submerge in the weightless underwater world of scuba diving, and continue to breath "UNDER WATER". 12 to 60+ feet! We have programs for all age groups. We love sharing our passion for the ocean and our world underwater. We can prepare you for that warm water trip, involve you in our local diving or prepare you to enter the dive industry, we provide it all.


Advanced Specialties
Skin Diver / Junior Skin Diver
SCUBA Diver / Junior SCUBA Diver
Adv. SCUBA Diver / Adv. Junior SCUBA Diver
Master SCUBA Diver
Dive Master

Sound Dive Center has been the flag ship dive center in the Northwest for the past 40 years!

We use several certifying agencies for one important reason. Customer options! By using several agency's, we as instructors are not restricted to using just one agency's limited policies that don't apply to our customers needs.

NAUI is the oldest of the agency's, it is non profit and governed by a BOD who are elected by its member instructors. NAUI instructors have been a integral part of Sound Dive Center for over 35 years.

PADI is known through out the world and has created the most instructors of any agency. They provide excellent courses and materials. Our PADI instructors are surpassed by none.

SDI/TDI is the youngest of all the agency's. They have some great options for the student with special needs. They have been instrumental in ushering the SCUBA Industry in to world of nitrox and technical diving. Sign up for our "ON LINE" SDI/TDI courses

DAN Diver Alert Network is a great group of diving medical professionals. Please support and us DAN.


Below you will find the training progression of Diving, starting from your very first SCUBA class all the way up to the Instructor Level. At the bottom of the page there is a link for a complete list of classes taught at SDC.

Check current class schedule here!

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bangor mwr
sound dive
north kitsap pool
mwr bangor
poulsbo merit badge clinic
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psns mwr
kids scuba camp
scuba camp for kids
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sound dive center
sound dive center in bremerton washington
sound dive bremerton
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