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You might not see them all the time, but they are there, keeping things at the shop running smooth! If it wasn’t for this part of the staff, Jim would never have a day off and Cathy and Forrest would be teaching classes solo!

Anna Mastel
- Advanced Diver
- Geoff/Jim Organizer
- Started Diving in OC Class @ SDC





Sean Carney
- NAUI Dive Master
- US Navy (Active Duty)

Josh Rasor
- Instructor Candidate
- SDC I.T. / Webmaster
- US Navy Instructor (Active Duty)
- Bowman/Mastman on S/V ReignMaker!
- Started Diving in OC Class @ SDC






Larry DeBarthe
- NAUI Instructor Candidate
- Kitsap Credit Union Facilities Manager
- Diving Since 1974
(Yes! 35 Years Experience!)
- Avid Motorcycle Rider and Golfer
(He could use some golf lessons...)



Shawn “Chris” Young
-Instructor Candidate
- US Navy Diver (Active Duty)
(We had to change his name to Chris because there are too many Shawns at SDC)



shawn diving



Patrick Wallace
- Rescue Diver
- SDC Boat Hull Cleansing Tech
- Underhull Tech on S/V ReignMaker!
- Started Diving in OC Class @ SDC

Spencer Singer
- Basic OW Diver
- Miscellaneous Job Technician


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