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Commercial Dive Services

Peninsula Diving Services provides underwater services to the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula. Doing propeller and zinc replacement, mooring buoy placement, underwater search and recovery. Hull cleaning and boat maintenance. Even LOST KEYS or PHONES.  CALL FOR EMERGENCY DIVE RESPONSE (360) 373-6141!!!

We have provided Dive Services to the Puget Sound Maritime community for 35 years. Call for emergency dive response.


Reef construction, augmentations and rehabilitation.
NW Reef ball contractor.

Underwater Dive Survey
Marina and Port Inspections
Hull Survey
Pilings and Bridge Supports
Biological and Environmental
Bottom Sampling

Underwater Search and Recover
Lost Keys, Phone, watches even false teeth. We find them all.

Hull Cleaning/Zinc Replacement:
We DO NOT clean hulls or change zincs, but do provide referrals to competent local divers. We follow and endorse the DOE and EPA recommendations and mandates of UW services.

Emergency Services

Reef enhancement

Mooring Buoy Placement

Mooring Buoy Recovery

Sewer Discharge Inspections

Underwater Video/Photo

Bottom Samples



Our Divers are the most experienced and knowledgeable Underwater Professionals on the Peninsula.

Meet the EPA and governmental dive requirements.

Servicing Individuals, County, City and Military

Commercial Surface Supply Training for harvesters

Commercial Equipment Service and repair

Dry suit repair and replacement


Sound Dive Center Repair Services
Washington SCUBA Alliance

Sound Dive Center
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