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Sound Dive Center M&M Points

Diving has many does and dont’s. Some are catastrophic, some are just "you should otta nots." During dive classes, instructors make no "if ands or buts" about the catastrophic things and endeavor to train their students to stay away from the "you should otta nots."

Otta nots are, mask on the forehead, or leaving the tank standing unattended, ...so on and so on.....

In the olden days (70's & 80's), when a "should otta not" happened, the instructor would levy a fine, usually a "beer", or beer points.... At the end of the class, everyone would get together and the Beer Points would be "paid" to the instructor. Well being the family institution that we are, the beer point thing went by the wayside. But being a real fan of pizza, we switched to pizza points. Points would be levied by the instructor making the shape of a pizza slice while underwater.

So, what's the M&M thing. Well, Geoff the owner, being the eccentric that he sometimes is, purchased the M&M machine from a neighbor kid, turn entrepreneur, turned ex-M&M machine owner. Promptly, Geoff modified (thanks to Joe) the machine, so you could just pull the top off the machine and help yourself to the M&M's. What a novel idea. The customers love the idea, to the point of loving it too much.

As in: the cost of replenishing the M&M's went to over $200 a month.

Then, without any prompting, a customer shows up with two bags of M&M's and "feeds" the machine.

Seeing this, Geoff implemented a new gesture during the pool sessions.. Underwater he simply puts 3 finger on his other hand and and taps it 2 or 3 times... Making the M&M gesture. Before the next class session the offending student who got the M & M gesture, brings bags of M&M's in and feeds the machine.

Needless to say, once the M&M machine gets feed, the student remembers not to no leave a tank standing unattended.

Peanut M&M's are the preferred flavor. Green and Yellow are even better due to the Machine being a "Nitrox Machine."


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