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Learn to Dive
Sound Dive Center Home School

Jump into a Sound Dive Center (SDC) Kids SCUBA Diver program. This is the pass to your child's lifetime of adventure in SCUBA Diving. This is the course that thousands of area divers have started their years of fun and adventure.

Class Subjects:
As a student, you will be taught in Marine Science, Math, Biology, Physics, Physical Education, hands on mechanics and even writing skills. All areas that can be applied to our home school educational state requirements. Our curriculum comes from the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), a non profit association of SCUBA Professionals.

Why a SDC Open Water Course?
As a SDC Open Water Diver, your student will receive a NAUI certification. A certification that is recognized the world over. They will receive the knowledge and experience of 35 years of serving the SCUBA community. A Puget Sound trained SDC SCUBA diver is the admiration of divers the world over.


Getting Started?
If your student is in good health, comfortable in the water and of reasonable fitness, they can earn a SDC SCUBA Diver certification. They must be at least 12 years of age and there is NO MAX AGE Limit. Parents are encouraged to take the program with their students.

**We have a special program for kids that are aqua-phobic, or those who are not familiar with the water.

What takes place during my course?
You will learn the fundamentals of snorkeling and scuba diving. You will easily accomplish this by completing five swimming pool and academic sessions. Your five open water dives will be completed over a two day period. See our calendar for a schedule.

How long will it take?
The SDC courses typically takes 3 weeks, meeting twice a week (in the evening) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With our 2 open water “check out” days on the weekend. Weekend course are available as requested, however we believe that weekend "quickie classes" provides minimal water time and are rushed. The usually require costly remediation to complete certification. Nothing replaces time in the pool and open water.

Your Own Schedule
If your student is home schooled, we know it takes a lot of time and energy on the parents part. We are eager and able to put a day time custom schedule together for your student.

Their own speed
SDC believes that everyone learns at their own speed. We allow, in fact we encourage our customers to progress at their own speed. Yes, you can repeat the pool work, if you are not ready for Open water.


Leave the "MACHO" at home!
SDC believes that scuba diving is meant for the whole family. Kids, moms, dads, grandparents. They all feel comfortable with our fine group of diving educators. Women and girls feel as comfortable with our programs, as do teens and youth. Unlike other programs the tough macho diver or instructor won't be found at SDC.

What will I need?
* NAUI SCUBA Materials
* Log Book
* Personal Equipment

* Flexible scheduling - class when you want it!
* More individual attention

Warm water check out and certification
You can complete class and pool locally, and Complete open water dives in location of your choice (known as referrals)!

On Line Program
Online study at home program available for those not able to make all the "in classroom" sessions.

Everything is INCLUDED For $425:
Instruction - Pool Fee’s - SCUBA Cylinders - Regulator -air
BCD with Integrated Weights - Dive Computer - Wet Suit
NAUI SCUBA course text & video
Your Personal Gear- Mask* - Fins* - Snorkel* - Boots* - Gloves*

* Sorry, for safety reasons we do not allow non SDC, outside purchased gear.

You will need to provide your Swim Suit and Towel and lunch.

* Cub, Boy and Venture Scouts can receive their Merit Badges through Sound Dive Center. Contact Jim or Geoff for details.

* Contact your local school board for information about home school credits.

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