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Greetings Divers!

TIME to think DIVING

Vis is up, sun is out.  Boats are at the ready! 

Days are getting longer. 

Have you noticed that the great light bulb in the sky is not only showing up more, but it's staying on longer.  Time to put your boat diving schedule together.  

Day light savings starts in two weeks  March 9th to be exact

New in 2008:

We have twice the specialty classes and twice the local boat trips scheduled than last year.

SDC Venture Scouts

Our teen scuba scouts (girls and boys) have been selected to go to the Florida Sea Base "High Adventure" tall ship diving trip.
Check It Out!

SDC gets award

Well, not only did NAUI HQ put us on the cover of NAUI Business news, but NAUI even awarded us the "Excellence in Training and Retailing" national award.   Pictures of the award ceremony is forth coming (early march).

Web Site gets Diving Webmaster

If you haven't been to www.sounddivecenter.com lately (if you’re reading this you probably have already seen it), get clicking, because it's looking great.  Web master Josh Rasor has taken the reigns.   Make a trip through the many links.  Of special interest should be the 2008 Class schedule or the local trip schedule.  Lots of great pictures have been added to the site.  Hats off to Josh.

Olympic College credit Class 

The college spring scuba class is coming in april.  If you have already taken the basic class, Sign up for the "200" level class and get your advanced certificate.  Past OC dive class students can repeat the course, and help Geoff teach.

Boat Dive Schedule Set

Web site now has ALL of the 2008 local boat dive schedules set! Have a look see!

New building at the Dive Center

Oops, did you walk into that "new" wall where the Rental room door used to be.  Well the rental room has moved 10 feet, been enlarged and now makes room for more display space out on the retail floor.  Sorry for the mess.

Check out the staff Web Link.

more staff/customer and dive site pictures to come! 


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