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Bremerton, WA 98312
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We love Serving our Community

Proudly Serving Our Community for 40 years:
First opened in 1972, Sound Dive Center is proud to have served the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula for 36 years. We at Sound Dive Center believe in returning the gift of "community" back to those who have made our business what it is today.

Serving Kids

Yearly College Scholarship
($500 to $1000 yearly)

Sponsor Ms SCUBA Kitsap

at Armed Forces Day Parade, Fathoms o Fun Parade and Whaling Days Parade.

Underwater Critter Show and Tell
4 Bremerton and Kitsap county elementary School Classes

Boy Scout and Girl Scout
SCUBA Experiences at the Pool (free)

"Venture" Scout troupe Dive trips:
We sponsor and run a Venture scout troupe open to boys and girls 14 to 20 years of age.

Summer Scout Dive Camps
We offer day camps and overnight camps involving full certification classes

Scout Merit Badge Program
Snorkeling and Scuba merit badge classes and certifications

Marine Critters Show and Tell
In cooperation with Kitsap County and Sea Grant "Marine Critters" program.

Foreign Exchange Student Splash Party.

BHS/Rotary Kindergarten Weekly Reader.

Make a Wish Foundation Donar.

Walk for Diabetes Donar.

Serving Community

Support Dive Rescue Team

Single Sailor "Discover Scuba"
Program experience at the Pool (free)

Under Water Clean Up
Earth Day and Water weeks twice yearly

Salvation Army Christmas "Bell Ringer"

Salvation Army
Capital Campaign sponsor.

Kitsap Community Resource Center Capital Major Donor

Washington SCUBA Alliance
Board of Directors

Bremerton Rotary
Board of Directors

Port Orchard Rotary

Poggie Club

Admiral Theater Evening at the Movies Sponsor.

Water Weeks

SCUBA Touch Tank demo sponsor.

Olympic College Presidents Circle Donor

NAUI Worldwide
Washington SCUBA Alliance

Sound Dive Center
- Established 1972 -


Also Home to HydroLab and FireHydro!

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