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Bandit Charters is owned by Rick and Trish Myers. They operate 3 boats: The Sampan, The Nagnek, and the Oceanquest. The Sampan and the Nagnek are capable of supporting up to 14 divers, while the Oceanquest can support 10. All boats are USCG inspection and have O2 on board for diver emergency. All the boats are wet boats, meaning you can wear your exposure suit throughout.

Diving with Bandito Charters will show you the under water world in the Tacoma area. You will see the steep walls of Rich Passage, or get to look into the nooks and crannies of Orchard Rocks. You could drift down Agate Pass looking at the thousands of creatures in the current swept environment. Maybe you would hang out for a while with the Perch and Rockfish on the artificial reef at Blake Island. Finally you could go to one of the greatest wall dives in the Puget Sound; Waterman’s Wall. It is massive, well encrusted with marine life, and offers some striking structure.

Other common dive sites for Bandito Charters include: KVI Tower, Barges @ Maury Island, Dalco Wall, Sunrise County Park, Point Richmond Mine Sweeper, Point Defiance North Wall, East Side Tacoma Narrows, Day Island Wall, Z’s Reef, and Fox Island East Wall.


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