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August 2008

Greetings Divers, 

WOW.... a newsletter finally.

We have been busy with summer activities and the Teen SCUBA Camp and Scouts and even some redecorating.

Business First, well not business, but civic duty.
Sound Dive Center has always been a-political. We love doing business with greeners, democrats and republicans alike.  As a business, a diver is a diver is a diver, we take no sides in the realm of political party's.

In that spirit, we do support those that support us.  One of our very own (Divers) is running for Kitsap Superior Court Judge.  

Jeanette Dalton is NON PARTISAN (as any judge should be), she is a great attorney, and will be come a great Judge.  She and her husband are active Divers and support divers rights and responsibilities.  The best part is that she is a Freediver (Dives without SCUBA).  I've known her for 6 years and have even been in the courtroom when she was representing a client (she won her case, as did I).

Info on Jeanette :   

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New Fixture, another dog and retirement.

Yes, thats a new "Barber" chair and not Berger.  Berger announced her retirement (semi) last month, and is in process of training her replacement.  Dude a GoldenDoodle was recently interviewed (in the Barber chair) and immediately hired (3 1/2 months old and 43lbs).  Berger stays home with the Grandparents 3 days a week.  The rest of the time she spends training the new guy.



Trip to the British Virgin Islands. 

March 2009:  Geoff and Betsy are headed to the British Virgin Islands, and will be chartering a 50ft Sailing Catermaran, for a week of sailing, diving and relaxation.  There is one cabin remaining.  Cost will be $2500-$3000 for the cabin (will hold 2 people).  Talk to Jim or Geoff about this great trip.  

Venture Scouts are headed to Salt Creek.

Our great group of teens (Venture Scouts) will be heading to Port Angeles for the weekend August 8, 9 and 10.  Our hats off to the Boys and Girls (teens) that have organized all of this trip, and the parents accompanying them. 

Speaking of Scouts:

Geoff and new trainee Dude spent all last week sailing with a group of 20 Boy Scouts in the San Juans Islands.   Geoff and Betsy sailed their 40 C&C Sailboat (S/V ReignMaker) to Anacortes and picked up half the troupe, transporting them to Sucia Island for the week (Betsy escaped and fly home).  Watch for more San Juan related diving, several spots were scouted and identified.  VIS was way up.  Watch for ReignMaker Racing in the next year.  The only racing sailboat, with a Dive Flag on it. 

Scouts riding the rail. 

scouts copy

Olympic College Class 

This fall will be another Olympic College class.  Sign up now, for this two credit course.  Already certified, sign up anyway, help Geoff teach and get 2 credits.  

Teen Camp

There are two more Teen Camps left.  Still a couple of spots, get in here and get signed up.

Don't forget to vote. 


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